Short-Listed Applicant & The Next Step for 2018 DAAD scholarship

The Railway Engineering Center of Addis Ababa Institute of Technology, after an extensive competition, has secured the World Bank (WB) African Center of Excellence II project grant. Through this support from the WB, the center aspires to become a sustainable regional hub for training and research in Railway Engineering and Management, capable of leading efforts to address priority development challenges and improve lives in South and Eastern Africa.

In addition to this, the center also runs the German government In-country/ In- region scholarship (DAAD). For the 2018/2019 AY around 220 applicants were received in three MSc in Railway Engineering specializations i.e. Civil Infrastructure, Rolling Stock and Traction and Train Control. Among these applicants, 60 are shortlisted for further evaluation to be performed by the scholarship providing organization (DAAD).

During the selection process, the first priority was given to Higher Education instructors. Higher educations in Ethiopia running undergraduate programs in Engineering fields lack Railway Engineering Professionals. Therefore, educating higher education instructors will enhance the capacity of the country to produce more Railway Engineers. The second priority was given to female candidates and candidates from international universities. Hence, it should be clear that grade is not the only selection criteria.

Furthermore, the center will announce other scholarships and candidates are encouraged to apply when announced.


The next step for those shortlisted is:

1.Register online via the DAAD-Portal (if not already registered):
2.Apply online via the DAAD-Portal under the tab “Personal Funding“/ “Application“
Documents to be submitted:
– DAAD application form duly filled (available in the DAAD-Portal)
– Hand signed curriculum vitae (please use the European specimen form at http://europass.cedefop.,         including a list of publications (if applicable).
– Recommendation letter by university teachers
– Letter of admission for the host university/ institution/network
– Certified copies of university degree certificates including transcripts
– Letter of motivation (if applicable: mentioning the planned research stay in Germany, see “Additional benefits”)
– Copy of the passport

Note that?- the center will issue an admission letter for those shortlisted. You will receive an email containing your admission letter until Monday, March 19, 2018. The deadline for online application on the DAAD portal is March 22, 2018.

  1. Short-Listed Applicant For Civil Infrastructure
No. Name Age Sex Nationality
1 Mulugeta Abera Debele 32 M Ethiopian
2 Aman Mola 24 M Ethiopian
3 Lelisa Nemo Nura 27 M Ethiopian
4 Mihret Melese 25 F Ethiopian
5 Chelangat Cyrus 26 M Ugandan
6 Gurmu Bikila Abebe 25 M Ethiopian
7 Mengistu Tadesse Alemayehu 24 M Ethiopian
8 Mollalign Yizengaw Mebrat 26 M Ethiopian
9 Guesh Gebrekidan Abay 25 M Ethiopian
10 Getacher Negesse Anawot 26 M Ethiopian
11 Gebremeskel Gebrekorkos 27 M Ethiopian
12 Netsanet Alemu Dadi 25 F Ethiopian
13 Frehiwot Temesgen 25 F Ethiopian
14 Mahlet Abebe Demisse 27 F Ethiopian
15 Ismail Mahmud Mahamed 26 M Ethiopian
16 Hose Mutanda Eridadi 26 M Ugandan
17 Ezekel Zeleke Wodajo 26 M Ethiopian
18 Temesgen Alemu Godana 25 M Ethiopian
19 Samrawit T/haimanot 24 F Ethiopian
20 Getachew Bahiru 27 M Ethiopian
21 Rahel Hadush 27 F Ethiopian
  1. Short-Listed Applicant For Rolling Stock
No. Name Age Sex Nationality
1 Tsegaye Tadesse G/eyesus 26 M Ethiopian
2 Fetena Disasa 27 M Ethiopian
3 Genetu Amare Dress 29 M Ethiopian
4 Egide Niringiyimana 29 M Rwandan
5 Dawit Lemma Hailegiorgis 25 M Ethiopian
6 Abbey Hussen Ahmed 26 M Ethiopian
7 Abebayehu Teklye 28 M Ethiopian
8 Betelhem Yehualashet 24 F Ethiopian
9 Usman Hasan Umer 28 M Ethiopian
10 Araya Gebretsadik 28 M Ethiopian
11 Daniel Asrat Shiferaw 26 M Ethiopian
12 Tesfaye Nigatu Asrese 25 M Ethiopian
13 Birhanu Tesfaye Ittafa 27 M Ethiopian
14 Mugume Rogers 26 M Ugandan
15 Dejen Alamneh Ademe 26 M Ethiopian
  1. Short-Listed Applicant For Traction & Train Control
No. Name Age Sex Nationality
1 Bruk Tekalgne Gurmesa 26 M Ethiopian
2 Gebremedhin Gebrekidan Kahsay 27 M Ethiopian
3 Beka Amsalu Kebede 26 M Ethiopian
4 Berihu Hailu 24 M Ethiopian
5 Solomon Bekele Eshete 28 M Ethiopian
6 Bilisuma Ambisa Terefe 26 M Ethiopian
7 Getasew Mekonnen 25 M Ethiopian
8 Simeneh Abie Terefe 29 M Ethiopian
9 Elsabet Kenaw Tegenu 26 F Ethiopian
10  Elias Bazezew Ferede  26  M Ethiopian
11  Hailay Nigus Berhe  32  M Ethiopian
12  Tamiru Molla Hailu  30  M Ethiopian
13  Yosef Worku Bedada  32  M Ethiopian
14  Haftamu Mekonen  28  M Ethiopian
15  Maru Yehualaw Astatikew  26  M Ethiopian
16  Gebrekrstos Abraha Tesfay  27  M Ethiopian
17  Bezawit Tilahun Terefe  26  F Ethiopian
18  Chalachew Agmas Alemu  27  M Ethiopian
19  Marie Mukangabonziza Claire  31  F Rwandan
20  Tigabu Yaya Gishen  29  M Ethiopian
21  Netsanet Birhanu Kumma  24  F Ethiopian
22  Dative NYIRANTEGEYIMANA  30  F Rwandan
23  Henok Mekonnen G/mariam  28  M Ethiopian
24  Shewaye Alemu Biyadgilign  24  F Ethiopian
25  Christina Shumiye Abera  26  F Ethiopian