1.       Candidates are required to bring their ID card/Passport/Driving License/ any identity document to the examination venue. (Candidates who do not have the appropriate photographic ID, and cannot be identified by Invigilator will be required to stay behind outside at the venue of the examination so that steps can be taken to verify their identity. Failure to comply with a request to stay behind in these circumstances will be regarded as a serious dismissal from Examination/Scholarship.) 

2.       Candidates are advised to arrive at the examination venue at least 15 minutes prior to the start of an examination. 

3.       In line with the University’s Fit to Sit Policy all 1st round shortlist candidates who undertake an exam, including attendance at an examination, are signing arranged slips themselves well enough to do so.

4.       All written examinations conducted by ARCE will be supervised by Internal Invigilators.  Anonymous marking will normally be used for examinations; students will have been informed of this in advance.

5.       Candidates shall be instructed by the Invigilator when to enter the examination venue.

6.       Candidates will not normally be allowed to enter the examination venue late.  However, in exceptional circumstances, and at the discretion of the Invigilator, students may be permitted to enter the venue late but only during the first 15 minutes of the examination.  No candidates will be permitted to enter the examination venue after 15 minutes have elapsed, and the Invigilator will not debate this with any student.

7.       Candidates will be required to remain in the examination venue until the examination has been in progress for at least 30 minutes and may only leave at the discretion of an Invigilator.  Candidates who have left the examination venue, having handed in their answer books may not return.

8.       Candidates shall not be allowed to temporarily leave the examination venue once the examination has started.

9.       Candidates will  be  advised/notified  when  there  are  only  15  minutes  of  the examination left.

10.     Candidates should bring their own pens, pencils, rulers and calculator. Only transparent pen/pencil cases will be permitted on desks.  It is a serious offence to take to your examination desk any books, notes, blank paper, other materials or aids that have not been specifically authorized for use in that examination.   Food is not permitted in examination venues unless this has been approved by your Doctor and they must bring Medical Certificate. The only drink that is permitted is bottled water and this must be kept on the floor under your desk. If you are caught in possession of any unauthorized material, whether or not you intended to use it, you will be subject to automatic dismissal from Examination/Scholarship.

11.     Candidates will be asked by the Invigilators to remove unauthorized materials (including coats/bags) to the front/back/side (as appropriate to the venue) of the examination area, to switch off mobile phones and to take their seats promptly. Candidates are advised NOT to bring valuable items with them to examinations; they do so at their own risk.

12.     Candidates are not allowed to have mobile phones or any other kind of electronic device (e.g. iPod, MP3 Player, smart watch) or earpiece on their person during examinations.  Watches must be removed and placed on, or underneath, the candidate’s desk.  Other small, valuable items such as wallets and switched off mobile phones may, at the Invigilator’s discretion, be stored under the front of the candidate’s desk.  Anyone found with an unauthorized device will be reported to the Center and this will be subject to automatic dismissal from Examination/Scholarship.

13.     Unless it is permitted by the Center, and stated on the examination paper, that calculators are permitted, calculators may not be used.  Where they are permitted, the Center/paper may specify a restriction on the model or type of calculator allowed in an examination.  Where such a restriction has been imposed, students may only use the approved type or model of calculator.  All calculators used must be silent.

It is a student’s own responsibility to equip him or herself with the approved type or model of calculator (i.e. Standard Non-Programmable Scientific calculators, for example CASIO FX-82MS). The Center will not provide spare calculators and reserves the right to carry out spot checks on any calculators used in exams.  Calculators cannot be shared amongst students.

14.     The Invigilator will read out the Standard Set of Announcements before the start of the examination.  Students are advised to observe any special instructions on the front of the question paper and script before commencing exam work.

15.     At the start of an examination, candidates will be required to write their name, examination title and sign and date the Attendance Slip provided.

16.     Candidates shall leave the Attendance Slip on the top corner of their desk, along with their ID card/Passport/Driving License/ any identity document for spot checking and subsequent collection of the Attendance Slip by the Invigilators.

17.     An academic member of Center will normally be available for the first 20 minutes of the examination, in the examination venue, to answer appropriate questions.  If queries are raised after the first 20 minutes, the academic staff member will be contacted to answer the query.  Students should alert an Invigilator if they have a query.

18.     Candidates must write in ink/pen and only use pencil for diagrams, graphs etc. where appropriate.  Scripts written in pencil are not acceptable.

19.     Candidates should write legibly/readable as marks may be lost if the examiner cannot understand the content of a script.

20.     Candidates must not speak to or communicate with any other candidate during the examination.  If a candidate wishes to ask a question he/she should attract the attention of an Invigilator by raising their hand.

21.     If you unexpectedly become unwell during an exam to the extent that it impacts on your wellbeing and you are unable to continue with the exam, you must notify an invigilator immediately and prior to leaving the exam. You should also, where possible, notify the invigilator of the type of illness.

  22.           Any unruly, inappropriate or disruptive behavior, for example, talking to fellow candidates during an examination, signing an attendance sheet for a Candidates’ who was not present in examination venue, cheating will result in the candidate(s) receiving a dismissal from Examination/Scholarship.

23.     Candidates are required to remain seated, and quiet, while the papers are collected and until instructed that they may leave.

24.     Candidates who miss an examination are not eligible for a resit/retake the exam also they should receive a mark of zero for that examination result and subject to dismissal from Scholarship.

Alternatively, candidates are advised to view Center Website for information about results and Facebook page will also be updated. In addition, 2nd round selected students will be emailed information about result/next procedure based on their exam result.