Last updated on August 10, 2019.

1.  What is the scholarship benefits for Type A, B and C World Bank Scholarships?

Who is Eligible for type A, B, C and D?

Scholarship Type decided by the Center policy,

  • Type A. Full Scholarship only for regional Applicants (Non-Ethiopian Citizens): Covers monthly stipend (USD600 for PhD students and USD600 for MSc students), tuition fee, health insurance and transportation cost. The scholarship will be initially granted for one semester and may be extended for those who completed the first semester successfully and for those non competent student’s monthly stipend may be reduced to 400 USD.
  • Type B. Half Scholarship only for national (Ethiopian Citizens) competent Female Applicants: Covers monthly stipend (USD300 for PhD and USD200 for MSc) and tuition fee and for those non competent student’s monthly stipend may be terminated.
  • Type C. Part Timer Scholarship: Covers tuition fee only.
  • Type D. Self-Sponsored Students: Student should cover all the expenses.

2.  How should I send my inquiries to get quick reply? What is the office phone number?

For  any  inquires,  it  is  possible  to  contact  the  office  directly  via  email

( or telephone no. +251-11-1-261294 during office hours.

3.    How should I prepare or what topics are covered in Exam?

Second round screening written exam could be covered basic knowledge on your undergraduate courses with general knowledge about Railway Engineering.