Program Objective

The program provides opportunities to students to study advanced theory in track system engineering, innovative technology, infrastructure management, maintenance, inspection, tackle/handle practical railway problems, make innovation by conducting advanced researches.

The primary objective of the Graduate Program is to provide students with the intellectual depth, breadth, and appropriate knowledge and skill necessary to pursue productive careers in the professions and in the academics. Advanced materials are presented in the form of course work and research to develop the students’ better understanding of, and greater skill in solving railway related problems. The specific objectives of the Railway Engineering program:

  • Train high-level professionals capable of solving practical railway infrastructure engineering problems using cutting-edge technologies
  • Train railway engineers who can design geometric and structural parts of track, analyze and design of foundations and underground structures, manage construction projects, conduct various material tests and geotechnical investigations, maintain and inspect railway infrastructures
  • Equip railway engineers with advanced courses include mathematical and numerical theories of railway track engineering; system interaction, analysis and design principles; the study of new track technologies
  • Train bright and dynamic academician who can lead advanced railway researches and innovate cutting edge technologies
  • To lead the research in the railway engineering and become specialized center of excellence
  • To provide versatile and flexible railway engineering teaching methods for different graduates (i.e. for practitioners, academician, and others)
  • Equip students with leadership and management skills, professionalism and research ethics


Courses Schedule

Semester I (M.Sc. and M.Eng.)

Crs. Code Crs. Title ECTS Cr. Lec. T /L
REGM-6001 Mathematical Foundations in Engineering 7 3 3 3
REGM 6101 Railway Geometry and Facilities Design 7 3 3 3
REGM 6106 Applied Hydrology and Drainage 7 3 3 3
REGM 6103 Transportation Soils and Foundation Engineering 7 3 3 3
REGM-6004 Railway Transport Planning and Operations Management 7 3 3 3
Total 35 15 15 15

Semester II (M.Sc. and M.Eng.)

Crs. Code Crs. Title ECTS Cr. Lec. T /L
REGM 6102 Railway Track Engineering 7 3 3 3
REGM-6104 Railway Tunneling Engineering 7 3 3 3
REGM-6105 Railway Bridge Engineering 7 3 3 3
REGM-6107 Railway Construction Materials and Equipment 7 3 3
REGM-XXXX Elective 7 3 3
REGM 6007 Professional   Practice  
Total 35 15 15 9


Summer Session or Inter Semester Break or During Thesis Semester (M.Sc.)

Crs. Code Crs. Title ECTS Cr. Lec. T /L
REGM-7001 Research Methods and Seminar 7 3 3
Total 7 3 3  

Semester III (M.Sc. Program)

Crs. Code Crs. Title ECTS Cr. Lec. T /L
REGM-7002 MSc. Thesis 30 15

Semester III M.Eng. Program

Crs. Code Crs. Title ECTS Cr. Lec. T /L
REGM-7003 Project Seminar 10 5
REGM-XXXX Elective 7 3 3
REGM-XXXX Elective 7 3 3
Total 24 11 6